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Olive Oil Mist Sprayer Bottle for Cooking

This 70ml multipurpose oil and vinegar mister simplifies precise seasoning with an innovative spray design that dispenses a delicate mist. The outer lid allows you to easily carry it anywhere without worrying about accidental discharge, embodying thoughtful ergonomic engineering. Trust Chinagama’s masterful craftsmanship to bring convenience to your culinary endeavors and deliver delightful new possibilities for your brand. .

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Item No.: 1060061
Material: 304 Stainless Steel; Plastic, Glass bottle
Product Size: Dia.65x137mm
Capacity: 70ml
Feature: Sustainable, Mini,Portable
Available customized services: LOGO, Packaging
Selling Units: Single item
Packing: Single White Box/Color Box
Measurement: 32x32x32cm/32pcs
Single package size: 10X10X20 cm
Single gross weight: 0.5kg
Delivery: Transportation time may vary depending on order volume, customization, and other factors. For details, please contact us via email.

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Versatile Applications

Our oil mister seamlessly integrates into your culinary routine, enhancing your cooking endeavors with a dash of innovation. It gracefully accommodates a variety of liquid seasonings, including oils, vinegars, cooking wines, and plant-based oils.

Whether you're engaging in conventional stovetop cooking, outdoor grilling, baking, or adding a finishing touch to your salads, this versatile mister is your trusty kitchen sidekick.


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Innovative Usage

With its generous 70ml capacity, utilizing this kitchen marvel is a breeze. Simply unscrew the top lid, give the pump a few gentle primes, and effortlessly press to release a fine, even mist.
This meticulous control over seasoning amounts elevates your cooking precision and culinary joy. Say goodbye to excessive oil usage and hello to a healthier lifestyle. The delicately calibrated spray method empowers you to manage oil flow and coverage with finesse, all while promoting a mindful and health-conscious approach to cooking.


Thoughtful Ergonomic Design

Crafted from premium glass, our custom-made bottle offers a refreshing departure from standard misters. Its added thickness guarantees durability without the worry of breakage.
The spray mechanism, unlike typical misters, ensures a smoother and more intuitive user experience. The transparent body provides clear visibility into remaining oil levels, while the wide opening and shallow shape simplify cleaning, making your kitchen maintenance hassle-free.

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Perfectly Portable Size

With dimensions of Dia.65 x 137mm, our mister boasts an elegant yet petite exterior, perfectly designed for daily use. The recessed spray nozzle ensures your peace of mind against accidental discharges when stored in bags or backpacks.
Its leak-free and stain-free design makes it a hassle-free addition to your culinary arsenal, ready to accompany you on every adventure.

Why Choose Chinagama


R&D Innovation Capability


Expert In-House R&D Team

With over 26 years of R&D expertise, Chinagama has an experienced in-house team capable of independent product design and development.


Commitment to Innovation

Holding over 300 technical patents, Chinagama maintains technical innovation and product independence.


Product Design Excellence

Chinagama's products combine functionality and design, and many have won Red Dot and IF Design awards for excellence.

Our Factory's Qualifications


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