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Co-Op Cases

Red Dot Award winning bird spout oil dispenser project:
Market research showed growing consumer demand for more unique, humanized oil dispenser designs. Against this backdrop, Chinagama independently developed and launched a gravity-fed bird spout oil dispenser to meet new market needs.


Technological Breakthroughs And Innovation:

At the time, most oil dispensers on the market employed simple designs with few products offering drip-free, gravity-fed spouts. Chinagama set out to create an oil dispenser that could be easily single-hand operated without any drips. After multiple rounds of testing, the bird spout shape was finalized, not only meeting functional requirements but also being more aesthetically appealing.

Project Outcomes:

With its excellent design and functionality, this breakthrough was quickly met with market acclaim and later won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. To this day, the product remains one of Chinagama's most popular oil dispenser products. Its success embodied our keen insight into customer needs and persistent pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Collaborative Development of Oil Mist Sprayer Project:

Chinagama collaborated with a renowned kitchenware brand to conceptualize and develop an innovative oil mist sprayer. The client had high-performance requirements and proposed many innovative ideas, necessitating major technological breakthroughs.


Challenges and Technological Breakthroughs:

Capping off several weeks of in-depth research and exploration, our engineering team achieved significant breakthroughs. While we successfully mastered the manufacturing techniques, the process of selecting the right material presented its own set of challenges. After extensive testing, we uncovered a critical issue with ABS and PMMA materials: their susceptibility to stress cracking when exposed to vegetable oil, raising serious safety concerns. Consequently, we made the decisive switch to the more robust and non-toxic PP material, setting the stage for a triumphant product development.

Project Outcomes:

The oil mist sprayer project demonstrated Chinagama's capabilities in pursuing engineering excellence and ensuring product safety. Developing and manufacturing a high-quality product meeting the client's stringent standards bolstered their market share growth in oil mist sprayers.

Design and Production of salt and pepper grinder project:

In the past manual pepper and salt grinder market, products often employed overly complex designs, added unnecessary weight, or pursued attractiveness at the expense of practicality, neglecting users' real needs. This sparked our desire for innovation.


Challenges and Breakthroughs:

At Chinagama, we believe a grinder's design should prioritize user experience. So we set out to develop a distinctive small straight pepper and salt grinder. To ensure ease of use and deliver superior user experience, Chinagama's engineers pioneered many new technical patents to resolve traditional grinding predicaments and imbue it with a clean, elegant look.

Project Outcomes:

The successful launch of this pepper salt grinder garnered extensive market attention and recognition. Importantly, this grinder's success extended beyond market acceptance. Most significantly, our customers and users highly rated it. Their satisfaction and positive feedback are our greatest motivation at work, also proving our product achieved tremendous success.

Other Kitchenware Collaboration Projects:

As a kitchenware manufacturer, we also produce and customize various kitchen essentials, including vegetable washing baskets, soap dispensers, knife sharpeners, and more.


Our R&D Mission:

Chinagama believes that as a kitchenware manufacturer, in order to establish long-term partnerships with customers and develop the most competitive products for their markets, we must understand aesthetic preferences and trends across different world regions and conduct detailed competitive analysis. We continuously enhance our R&D and production capabilities, perform rigorous quality testing, and deliver products that balance utility and visual appeal.

Our Delivery Capability:

Chinagama not only possesses unparalleled advantages in research and development and can ensure on-time production with top-notch product quality, but we also have a robust logistics system to guarantee timely delivery of goods.