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About Us

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Welcome to Chinagama Pioneering Culinary Innovations

At Chinagama, we are passionate about crafting high-quality and stylish kitchenware, specializing in salt and pepper grinders. Of course, we also manufacture other kitchenware items sought after by buyers, including coffee grinders, oil dispensers, soap dispensers, and more.

Since our establishment in 1997, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional kitchenware development and manufacturing. Over the years, we have achieved over 300 patents and our meticulously designed and produced kitchen tools have been honored with the Red Dot Award and IF Design Award. We continue to innovate with new products to cater to evolving needs.

Our Commitment to Quality

With the expertise of our dedicated R&D team and the support of our in-house factory, our products undergo rigorous quality control measures from conception to completion, ensuring that each item meets industry standards with precision. As a testament to our commitment, we have garnered recognition from renowned international third-party testing companies, including prestigious LFGB and FDA certifications. This validates the exceptional quality of our products and reinforces our dedication to delivering excellence to our customers.


Global Success Stories

With a strong emphasis on quality, Chinagama has fostered successful partnerships with global clients, selling over 12 million pepper grinders annually. Every three seconds, a Chinagama product finds its way into the hands of satisfied customers worldwide.

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Our Journey

In 1997, Chinagama embarked on its remarkable journey, initially focusing on trade work. With a keen eye for opportunities, in 2001, we embraced the emerging realm of online trade and set forth on a path of vigorous development.

Passion for Culinary Excellence and Kitchen Utensils

Driven by our passion for cooking and kitchen utensils, in 2003, we made a transformative shift from trade to production. This pivotal decision led us to establish a standardized food-grade production plant in 2012, empowering us to continuously innovate and introduce new, quality-driven products.

Evolving with Innovation

In 2015, our relentless pursuit of excellence was rewarded as we earned the prestigious title of a high-tech enterprise. Since then, our products have been consistently honored with the coveted Red Dot Awards and IF Design Awards, affirming our commitment to cutting-edge design and craftsmanship.

Continuing the Journey

Our journey doesn't end here. Chinagama continues to forge ahead, driven by a steadfast dedication to surpassing expectations and delivering exceptional kitchenware solutions to our global customers.


Join us in celebrating our past achievements and look forward to the inspiring chapters yet to be written in our story of culinary innovation and excellence.

Our Mission

Through extensive expertise of kitchenware, indomitable spirit of discovery and outpouring drive of innovation, Chinagama is dedicated to providing innovative and excellent quality spices and herbs containers with professional service for our customers worldwide.


Embracing Trends, Inspiring Innovation

At Chinagama, we not only stay in tune with market trends but also set them. We continuously innovate and upgrade our existing product lines, offering personalized customization services, while venturing into new categories like our captivating coffee series, to cater to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our Philosophy

For us, every customer is a long-term partner, not just a mere buyer. We invest a significant portion of our annual profits into ongoing innovation, ensuring sustained growth benefits everyone involved. Through collaborations with renowned international brands in ODM and OEM projects, we deeply understand how to align with your company's essence, enhancing your competitive edge in the market.