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Shake-Shake Crusher

Shake-Shake Crusher

Chinagama's spice crusher series is a true standout with its elegant, slender design and a groundbreaking grinding mechanism that sets it apart from traditional twist-and-grind mills. Our dedicated engineers have skillfully crafted this grinding innovation, departing from the conventional twisting and squeezing motions. With just a gentle flick of your wrist, you can effortlessly experience the simplicity of seasoning.

Beyond its exceptional functionality, the pepper shaker embodies the essence of minimalist design, reflecting the refined aesthetics of modernity. It introduces a clever elegance and effortless practicality to your space, earning it well-deserved recognition, including the prestigious IF Design Award.

The crusher series offers a delightful fusion of form and function. It not only makes seasoning a breeze but also adds a touch of contemporary sophistication to elevate your culinary experience. With its innovative design and effortless operation, this series exemplifies how simplicity and elegance can seamlessly come together in your kitchen.