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Salad Mixer

Salad Mixer

Streamline your salad making into a pleasure with Chinagama. Our salad dressing mixer series allows you to simply add desired ingredients into the bottle, gently press the button, and let the spinning blades inside effortlessly blend a custom dressing you'll love. The slim pouring spout makes it easy to control and drizzle over salads or bowls.

Dual measurement markings on the bottle help you accurately follow recipes. And if you just need a jar for storing dressings, check out our salad dressing jars.

Both jars are made of durable borosilicate glass with leak-proof sealing lids to keep them fresh. And both can be easily cleaned, especially the blender series where we made the blades removable for easy rinsing and a breeze to clean up.

Take the hassle out of homemade dressings with Chinagama's ingenious blenders. Mix, pour and enjoy salad creations that are uniquely you. Elevate your culinary experience with the convenience of our thoughtfully designed products.