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Oil and Vingar Dispenser

Oil and Vingar Dispenser

Chinagama's oil and vinegar dispenser series shines as a highlight of the Oil Bottles. Among the most popular are the gravity series and the salad series, catering to salad enthusiasts.

The gravity oil drizzler series stands out with their iconic bird-beak design and cheerful colors. However, they offer more than just aesthetics - they come with powerful functionality. They automatically open when tilted and close when upright, preventing dust from entering. Crafted from durable glass and 304 stainless steel, these materials ensure both health and safety, making every delicious drop worry-free.

For our brand partners, we also offer the salad dressing mixer. This innovative mixer uses a press-and-mix mechanism, eliminating the hassle of manual shaking. Enjoy easy snacking moments without the fuss.