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ODM Customized Modern Gravity Oil & Vinegar Dispenser

Available in three versatile sizes, this sleek and practical gravtiy oil dispenser caters to any scenario. Say goodbye to messy countertops and oily hands with our anti-drip design, featuring an extended “bird’s beak” spout for precise pouring control. Crafted from durable 304 stainless steel, it not only resists heat but also safeguards your oils against oxidation, ensuring purity and freshness.

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Item No.: 1060120/1060121/1060122
Material 304 S/S, Plastic lid
Product Size:  75x1651x105mm/ 75x195x105mm/ 75x210x105mm
Capacity: 250ml / 300ml /600ml
Feature Sustainable, Stocked, Premium, Handle
Available customized services: LOGO, Packaging
Selling Units: Single item
Packing: Single White Box/Color Box
Measurement: 50.5*50*44.2Ccm/50pcs50.5*50*47.4cm/50pcs
Single package size: 14X14X22 cm
Single gross weight: 0.5kg
Delivery: Transportation time may vary depending on order volume, customization, and other factors. For details, please contact us via email.

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Gravity-Fed Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Our gravity-fed cruet boasts a clever design that simplifies your pouring experience. When tilted, the lid gracefully opens, and when set upright, it securely closes, allowing for effortless, one-handed, and mess-free pouring.

Say goodbye to the hassle of using your thumb to open a spout and revel in the perfection of every pour.


stainless steel gravity oil cruet7

Effortless Refilling and Cleaning

The wide mouth of our cruet ensures refilling and cleaning are a breeze.

Its pouring spout is versatile, accommodating various condiments such as oil, vinegar, non-stick salad dressings, and more.


Drip-Free and Leakproof

Our oil cruet features precision-engineered threads and a leakproof rubber seal, guaranteeing a clean and spill-free experience. The extended "bird's beak" spout grants superior pouring control without any unsightly drips.

No more fretting about messy countertops due to accidental leaks. The ergonomically curved side handle offers a comfortable, non-slip grip for effortless pouring without the risk of getting oil on your hands.



Healthy and Secure with Size Choices

Chinagama presents you with three convenient capacity options - 250ml, 300ml, and 600ml - perfectly suited for diverse settings, from restaurants to parties and even outdoor camping.

Crafted from durable 304 stainless steel, our cruet offers heat resistance and prevents oil oxidation, ensuring the purity of your oils. Rest assured with food-grade materials that prioritize safety. With a size tailored for every need, explore the ideal cruet for you.


Why Choose Chinagama


R&D Innovation Capability


Expert In-House R&D Team

With over 26 years of R&D expertise, Chinagama has an experienced in-house team capable of independent product design and development.


Commitment to Innovation

Holding over 300 technical patents, Chinagama maintains technical innovation and product independence.


Product Design Excellence

Chinagama's products combine functionality and design, and many have won Red Dot and IF Design awards for excellence.

Our Factory's Qualifications


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