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Plastic S/P

Plastic S/P

Chinagama's plastic pepper grinder series injects boundless bold colors and playful patterns into your home with innovative designs, infusing joy and vitality into your living space. This plastic series encompasses not only the classic 7-inch models but also compact 15-milliliter mini pepper grinder for true portability. Additionally, our plastic salt and pepper shakers series features fashionable, avantgarde aesthetic designs, winning the prestigious iF Design Award.

Beyond their striking visual appeal, most of our products are primarily constructed from durable ABS plastic and glass. This choice of materials offers both long-lasting performance and robust structural integrity, capable of withstanding everyday use while still maintaining an affordable price point. Internally, we employ stainless steel burrs or ceramic burrs, ensuring excellent grinding results without concerns about sudden damage.

Experience our plastic series, explore grinders that seamlessly blend form and function, and transform dull and mundane meal preparation into a delightful and vibrant experience.