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O&V Sprayer

O&V Sprayer

Chinagama offers an array of innovative olive oil sprayers, including the classic series and the oil mist sprayer series. Whether you're grilling, frying, baking, seasoning, marinating, or adhering to a calorie-controlled diet, these sprayers excel at managing oil quantities to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These sprayers are convenient kitchen tools, with the oil mist sprayer series being especially remarkable. Its ultra-fine mist can evenly coat your pans, salads, and dishes without wasting a drop of oil. You can explore precise and efficient spraying options to enhance your cooking and optimize the flavor profile of your ingredients.

In terms of materials, we primarily use glass and 304 stainless steel, which are heat-resistant and safe for food contact. You can trust the quality and safety of our products.

Our sprayers offer customizable coverage and a waste-free convenience, meeting all your oiling needs. Elevate your cooking experience with Chinagama's innovative sprayers and savor the flavor with precision and control.