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Gravity Series

Gravity Series

Chinagama's gravity oil dispenser series features a classic penguin silhouette, coupled with a clean, minimalist design that endows each product in the series with unique charm, earning it the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. However, its appeal doesn't stop at aesthetics – it offers remarkable functionality too.

Constructed from durable glass, it is safe for daily use. The innovative gravity lid eliminates repeatedly opening and closing a traditional cap. Tilting the bottle automatically opens the lid, while standing it upright closes the lid, preventing dust buildup. The extended pouring spout is meticulously designed to prevent dripping and maintain kitchen cleanliness.

Choose from capacities ranging from 200ml up to 600ml to suit your needs. The ergonomic shape provides a comfortable, non-slip grip for full control. The transparent body allows you to easily monitor the remaining amount, and we've thoughtfully included volume markings on the bottle for a visual gauge.

Efficiently pour oil with precision and minimize waste. Enjoy the convenience of Chinagama's cleverly designed gravity oil bottles that merge form and function.