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Non-drip Series

Non-drip Series

Chinagama's non-drip olive oil cruet series are meticulously crafted from premium glass, ensuring both durability and health safety. This series features an integrated anti-leak design, with a thickened silicone seal to prevent any unwanted drips or splatters, guaranteeing a clean and dry countertop.

Using these bottles is exceptionally convenient. Tilting the bottle allows you to pour oil effortlessly, and to stop, lightly cover the small top hole with a fingertip. It's that simple.

The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand, giving you full control over your culinary endeavors. The precise pouring spout allows for even distribution of oil, ensuring a smooth culinary experience. You can easily monitor the remaining amount through the transparent glass, and refilling is a breeze thanks to the wide mouth opening.

Our oil bottles are made with premium glass, offering you peace of mind with every use. Bid farewell to messy oil splatters and wasted ingredients. Elevate your cooking experience with Chinagama's innovative no-drip oil bottles, designed for your convenience.